Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Life is Scary

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Life is short, folks. You never know when it's going to be snatched away. So make it the most of it while you can.

Don't waste your time, because life is so damn precious.

Its crazy.

I know the world is scary place. Scary for alot of reasons. Scary because we will all DIE one day. Scary because it's the same for those we love. Our friends, our family, they will also die one day. It's so damn scary.

But fuk it. 

Be brave in spite of this. Be brave for those you love. Brave for those who can't be. There is power in our soul. Power that comes from fighting againts pain and fear. Not giving it.

Even the brave DIE too. Even the society fail, but nothing is ever truly lost. The things you do, others forgot, but some others will remember. And if you are brave enough, others will march as you did. Fight for the same reason. Its how it works, it never leaves. 

Never stop helping others resist fear.

Maybe one point, you think you don't trust anyone. This society is doomed, its messed up in every level. 

But fuk it. Don't ever stop helping others who need. Always be kind to another. 

Always be brave.

In memory of my Aunt who passed away yesterday 
Farewell Aunty, all in all i wish you the best after life


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